Sunday, February 19, 2012

Who Needs Love?

It is easy to love those who are lovable. It is easy to love those who love you. It is easy to love those who do all the right things at the right time. On the other hand it is hard, almost impossible to love those who do not display lovable qualities.

     God's love goes way beyond human love. The scriptures state that God loved us before we love him. His love is unconditional. This week I came to appreciate the love of God through an experience I had while ministering to the homeless. 

John an homeless man whom I had grown to love and care for  helped me to appreciate God's love more. He  also helped me to become more sensitive to difficult  people .

John  was saved from committing suicide by the love we showed him week after week as we handed him fresh water and encouraging words. He shoved his hair,  got a job, and was made progress. He even got  a place to rent. He was very happy. There was a radiance on his face.  The week of his birthday he was very excited about  celebrating it. He celebrated his birthday for a week with a bottle of wine.

Three  weeks after that, I saw John drinking. The radiance on his face was gone. He was cold. I felt disappointed   when I saw his condition. Before that  I would go and greet him but this  time I sat in the van and had other ministry partners to go and hand him the water, and cupcake.

On my way home I felt that all my love and care for him  was wasted. I started to think was it worth while to minister to these people? The Hole Spirit quickly spoke to me. My job is not to save, heal  or change. My job is to be a witness. A great burden was lifted. I was renewed and recharged  to continue to minister to the homeless. 

The holy Spirit reminded me of more than one occasions when I failed in my christian walk.
I remember how I felt loved and forgiven by God. I thank him for his care and mercy when I most needed it. He then said to me. John needs your love now more than ever.

More than anyone other time I needed to show John my love and care for him.

Most of  the time the ones who need love do not receive it because they do not display the qualities  that we as human beings love to see in them.

 Let us continue to pray for John. God is able to save and deliver him from all his sins and weaknesses. Please stand with  me in faith for his salvation.
Sister Tassel Daley

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