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Hope For The Homeless.|1/12/12 | The Sun Shone for the Hopeless Today

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I lived yesterday all over again: just remembering what GOD did yesterday. I'm excited!!
Isa 41:17-20
17 When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none, and their tongue faileth for thirst, I the LORD will hear them, I the God of Israel will not forsake them.
This scripture really came alive today as we the people God chose to help those in need to manifest HIS blessings.
As “The Water for Life Now” ambassadors ventured into the street of Tampa with the “Anointed Water” of the Lord, we prayed and ask God to manifest HIS presence on this special day. The day actually started out very rainy: we could have easily canceled the trip, but no, we persisted, and knew that GOD had something special for this the day that HE made.
John, a young man that we prayed for several weeks ago, met the truck with a joy in his heart. He was so thrilled to see us. He told us that he was getting his own place, and he was grateful for all the prayers.He had recently been employed, something we prayed for. He told me that he was contemplating suicide over the Christmas holiday. He was given a love letter from God to encourage him.God heard his cry and our prayers, and reached down and snatched him out of the hands of the enemy, and saved his life through prayers…..what a testimony. He (John) vowed to give an offering from his first pay-check to help others.
Another wonderful testimony was from a young lady that was extremely sick: she met us and was overjoyed to give us a praise report from her Doctor: she will not be taking any more medication for her condition…….no doubt the Anointed water of God cured her, and she acknowledged it, and was grateful.
There was also Luci: who was so down-trodden when last I saw her, she didn't’t want to speak to me. As I continued to pray in the Spirit and let her know I was not leaving, I asked if she had a prayer request. She opened up and said she needs me to pray for her mind. She was all alone,she does have a sister, but they are not on speaking terms.
Well GOD has been working in Luci’s mind because, when I saw her today she had a different mind-set. She had a smile on her face, told me that she spoke to her family in Haiti , and I should continue to keep her in prayer.
Now this is the “Greatest” testimony of the day. God met us and answered a prayer that was ushered up to HIM on the way. We asked the LORD to raise up someone in the midst that had a passion for these special ones. We didn't’t give any specifics, because GOD knows everything we need before we even ask, and HE always gives us abundantly, more than we could ever ask for or think of. Glory to God.
We were approaching the Shelter (to get some information) where these people sleeps if they can afford to pay the $10.00 that’s needed. If they don”t have the $10.00 for a night to sleep inside they have to without a choice sleep outside on the ground, or in the bushes.
In approaching the Building there was a lady descending the steps with a young child in her arms: the Holy Sprit said: go and speak with that person, obediently I obeyed and what a blessing we all shared, just for being obedient to the voice of GOD.
This woman (Matilda) was a former person (5 years ago) who had to live a life similar to these people. She was so excited when we told her why we come down to that location, and what we do. She said she has been praying and asking the Lord to bless her so that one day she would be able to purchase a building to house these people. She also said that today she was not leaving her house to come down to this location.: but GOD told her to get up get dress, and go….we were all convinced that our meeting each other was a “Divine Intervention” that came about out of our obedience to the voice of GOD.
This woman was telling us that her daughter who is now 5 years old asked her why these people are all sleeping on the streets, and where do they live? …..she told her daughter that (5) years ago she and Mommy was right here, just as these people are today: as a matter of fact she shared that her daughter who was only (3) months at the time was the very first baby that the Shelter ever accepted. Her daughter was drawn to tears and told her Mommy that when she grows up she’s going to buy a big house so everyone can have a bed, and doesn't”t have to sleep on the ground.
Out of the mouth of babes was my heartfelt reaction. What a blessing. Matilda gave us her phone number, her address, and, made us promise to keep in touch, she wants to meet us whenever we return to the area. She really is in need of a Computer. For someone with the passion Matilda has for the LORD, GOD is going to give her the desires of her heart sooner than she think.
I just give all the Glory to GOD who made heaven and earth, and Blesses HIS children abundantly. THERE IS NO GOD LIKE OUR GOD……………………………………Amen!!
Sonya D Chambers Cell (813) 574-9774
Real Estate Consultant ABR CRS WCR e-PRO
Signature Realty Associates Inc.

Water For Life Now Ministry Partner

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